Are you suffering from the Simba Syndrome?

Do you remember the epic movie, The Lion King?

The saddest part of that movie was not that Mufasa died although I did cry when he died. The saddest part of the movie was that Simba did not know who he was: the King of the Jungle.  As I travel all across the country I am met with parents who don’t know who they are or take their rightful place.  They act more like a “friend” to their children than someone with authority, wisdom and knowledge to lead, guide and teach their children.  

I am amazed at how many times I have seen very capable adult mothers and fathers stand by while their two year-olds hit and kick them and the recourse is a mere “stop hitting me” or the teenager who is constantly mouthing off and slamming doors don’t get as much as a “lose what you like” consequence.  What I know for sure is that not everyone has been given the blessing to be a parent and as such we have a responsibility to raise our children in a manner that is pleasing to God, the ONE who created them.  Parents we are strong, powerful and nurturing let us begin to treat motherhood and fatherhood as a Calling!  

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