Adjust your attitude toward FEAR

I have heard it said that fear is false evidence appearing real. What that means

is that you have allowed your thoughts to imagine something that may or may

not happen. We all have felt fear but just like any other emotion, we can choose

to not allow fear to control our lives. Yes, fear might be in the car with you

(hopefully in the back seat) but it does not have to be driving you. When I was

about to start my daycare center 26 years ago, I had no experience, no degree in

early childhood education no experience in owning or operating a school and to

top it off the person who would grant me a license to own a childcare looked at

me and said; “you can’t do this I had three schools they all failed what makes you

think you can be successful?” What made me think I could, was ME. I am the

one writing this story, I am the master of my fate. This is your life and someone’s

opinion of what they think you can or cannot do is not your business. You are

responsible for controlling the narrative. What is happening in the world is less

important than how you are responding to it. Our children, our family members,

our employees are watching how we lead not in times of plenty but in times of


Your children will not remember the newspaper articles, MSNBC or news

conferences, what they will remember is how you (their leader responded during

the conflicts of life. How will you respond? Will you allow fear to paralyze you?

or will you allow fear to fuel you? God does not give us the spirit of fear but of

power, and love and a sound mind (II Timothy 1:7). A sound mind that uses

wisdom and understanding and remains calm even when the storms of life are

raging. Why? because we as leaders must be anchored in faith. Faith that knows

without the rain there can be no rainbow, faith that knows above the valley there

is victory, on the other side of the mountain there is a miracle, through the trial

there will be a testimony. What keeps fear from controlling my life is that I don’t

want to get to the end of my life and have to say I would have ....I should have

but I didn’t. So I fear nothing but a mediocre life, I fear nothing but an


Until next time, Be A Light

Dr. Deborah

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