21 Days to build a New Habit

The two most important words we can teach our children is “Thank you”. Life is what you make it. Be thankful for all things while you are traveling this journey. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Every day, habitually declare to yourself the following: 1. I am Blessed 2. Iamfree 3. I am a Masterpiece 4. I am Valuable 5. I am Content 6. I am Grateful 7. I am Victorious 8. I am Prosperous 9. I am Focused 10. I am Determined 11. I am Strong 12. I am Anointed 13. I am Patient 14. I am Forgiven 15. I am Generous 16. I am Intelligent 17. I am Beautiful 18. I am Protected 19. I am Wealthy 20.I am Courageous 21.I am Disciplined (Now only 20 more days left)

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