Deborah L. Tillman is a Consultant, Speaker, Author, Founder of Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy for Early Learners and “America’s Supernanny” on Lifetime Television. Labeled “A Force for Good” by The Washington Post, Tillman has a deep passion for children.  She began her career over twenty-five years ago when she became frustrated with the lack of quality childcare her son was receiving and as a result, quit her lucrative accounting job and started her own successful childcare center in 1994.  


Dr. Deborah holds a Masters’ Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from George Washington University and a Doctorate in Education from the Richmond Virginia Seminary.  She has also studied at Oxford University, Magdalen College in England. Among her many accomplishments, Deborah has been a recurring parenting expert on the HARRY and Steve Harvey Daytime Talk Shows.  She has also been seen on The View, Today Show, Katie Show, Wendy Williams, Great Day Washington, and CNN to name a few.  In 2018, Deborah was asked to join the faculty of the #1 Leadership Expert, John Maxwell Team to create parenting and family content all over the world.


She is the author of Stepping out On Faith - How to Open a Quality Childcare Center and Parenting on Purpose: A Menu for Raising Children in Today’s Society.  In 2017, Deborah designed an online Greater Parenting System (GPS) that supports parents as they become the best version of themselves so that their children have every opportunity to reach their fullest potential and Divine Destiny.  She also created her own childcare curriculum called “The Guiding Light:” from infants through five-year-olds.


Lifetime Television Executives have called her “a miracle worker” but Deborah is “a proud mom” and humble servant doing the work of the Lord with a LIGHT shining bright for children and families everywhere.  Dr. Deborah currently resides in Northern Virginia with her son Zeplyn who graduated from Georgetown University.

Dr. Deborah was born to and raised in East Orange, New Jersey.  She is the “middle” child and has two sisters.  Deborah spent most of her childhood playing the piano and taking dancing school lessons. She was born to Lila and James Washington.  Her mother was a stay at home mom and her father worked as the Vice President of an Aluminum Company in Newark, New Jersey until their divorce when Deborah was at the tender age of 12.  From an early age, Deborah loved the Perry Mason show. So much so that she wanted to be a lawyer or at least she thought she did. After graduating with Honors from Clifford J. Scott HS, Deborah was accepted to Fisk University which was also her first choice.


However, she decided to listen to the voices of others and attended Wesleyan University which her H.S. counselor contended that it was a “better option for a black girl coming from East Orange”.   She attended Wesleyan for 1.5 years and was kindly asked to take a year off because her grades were so bad. She vowed to never return. Upon leaving Wesleyan, she enrolled at Upsala College near her home where she graduated three years later with honors. During her senior year, she studied at Magdalen College at Oxford University in London, England. Still thinking law was the way to go, she was accepted at Seton Hall Law School and then Georgetown Law school where she was eventually kicked out.  Finally, Deborah learned the lesson “to thy own self be true”.

Before Deborah Tillman became America’s Supernanny and a parent and childcare consultant sharing her message for people to Be A Light to children all over the world, she had her share of living through seven horrific childcare providers and day care center experiences with her young son. After being left in a car seat for over 5 hours sweating profusely, given the wrong breast milk, bruises, and being found in a bassinet with a bottle in his mouth, the ledge of the wall holding the bottle, as he was sucking air, Dr. Deborah decided to take matters into her own hands.


She surrendered to God and simply asked: What do YOU want me to do? That is when she heard 7 still small
words. “I WANT YOU TO DO IT BETTER”. She quit her very lucrative accounting job the next day and opened her own childcare facility called Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy for Early Learners, Inc., For over 25 years Dr. Deborah has been working to improve the lives of children and families across the globe and vows that she is determined to leave no1 through 5-year-old child behind.

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