Parenting Tools and Techniques as Featured on America's Supernanny
America's Supernanny, Deborah Tillman is a firm believer that healthy self-esteem is like a child's armor against the challenges of the world. In this video, child care expert, Mrs. Tillman, shares how parents can help their children develop a positive self-image.

Deborah's Tips for Choosing the Right Childcare

GO WITH YOUR GUT. Do a tour. Narrow it down to five schools and visit each one. Some schools will give good customer service, but that's not what you're looking for. Keep an eye out on the teachers. Do they look happy? Do they look frustrated? How long have they been there? How long has the management been there? You want some sort of longevity. You want an educated director. Not someone who is really young. It's not babysitting. You have to have someone who can exercise wisdom and discernment. Look at the curriculum. What is your child going to do all day? There should be something visible that shows what they are learning.

IN-HOME DAY CARE CONSIDERATIONS. I would love for a child to be in a wonderful in-home provider from 0-12 months. They get a lot of nurturing, communication, one-on-one eye contact, which is wonderful. In schools, they have routines.

In home situations can better meet the needs of infants. You want to make sure they're licensed. Visit without them knowing you're coming. Make sure they're feeding them, listening to instructions from their parents, they have MAT training, CPR certification and criminal background checks completed. Make sure they don't have visitors coming in and out and get recommendations from other parents who have been there for a year or two.

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It's important to establish a simple list of house rules that your
children will expect and understand. They should be written in a positive way (avoiding the word NO and DON’T), placed at the child's level and have visual cues so that younger children can recognize them too.

CALM DOWN CORNER: This is my fundamental discipline technique that works for
children between 2 and 8yrs. It’s a way to train and teach your child that there are
consequences when a house rule is broken

SIMPLE SEPARATION: Is used to lessen the explosive behavior that separation anxiety may cause. It is a quick simple way to get the parents out the house as quickly as possible with little to no fuss.

POSITIVE POSTS: (Neva post It Notes) I believe in speaking life in to our
children. Leaving posts in their room with hand written notes on them is a
wonderful way to let your child know how amazing they are.

DADDY DAUGHTER TIME: To all the dads out there, take note! Spending quality time
with your daughter is so important. You are the role model for your children and will set
the standard for every man that will later come into their lives. It’s nothing like knowing
you are “Daddy’s little girl”.

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Communication. Talk to your child about going to school. Transition is the biggest part. Kids are really good at bouncing back, but parents have a hard time. "You're going to big boy school, let's get your book bag" Really prepare.

Play Dates. Take the child to the school for a day the week before they are to start. Get them in the habit of knowing what the schedule is going to be like. If kids don't know what to expect, they get out of balance. Show them and they'll get it. Once they know that mommy and daddy are bringing them there to learn and are coming back, they will settle better.

It doesn't take a child a lot to prepare. This is their world, not yours. They're ready. It's the parent who usually isn't ready. Positive parenting works. Be excited for the kids and let them feed off of your excitement.


• Don't Linger. Drop the kids off. Kiss. Hug. Leave.

• No Fear. Parents can call as much as they want to check on their children. Get comfortable. Get acquainted with the teachers and the directors. Keep the dialogue open.

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